Another Open Letter to Augsburg University

Dear President Paul Pribbenow, Members of the Augsburg Leadership Board and Augsburg Athletic Directors,

Augsburg University has financially exploited thousands of students. I do not condone this. I ask that you immediately take down any honors, awards and/or publications including my name at Augsburg University. This includes my athlete biography online, any stories regarding my performance online or in print, any plaques or images, and any displayed school records. 

I expect written confirmation within ten days that you have ceased using my name and awards in any publications or on any displays or promotions at Augsburg University.

I am pursuing legal action to rectify the trauma you have caused and continue to cause for your financial gain. Not only have you misled and indebted young Americans and their families, you have taken advantage of some of the most vulnerable and desperate populations by creating programs for addicts and immigrants. And now, according to the Star Tribune, you are accepting grants for prisoners. 

I have personally spoken to teammates of mine from Augsburg University and other fellow graduates who have ended up homeless, addicted, re-addicted and/or underemployed. It is a misuse of taxpayer money to take grants and government funding while decreasing the standard of living for the people you purport to help.


Lauren Rice

3 thoughts on “Another Open Letter to Augsburg University

  1. Hello Lauren, I am doing a research paper for my graduate program on student loan debt, the impact it has had on student borrowers, and whether the universities charging such high tuition rates are knowingly and intentionally charging more for their classes than what they’re worth. I have read some of your posts and would love to learn more from you in order to get the perspective of the student or graduate who is struggling. My e-mail address is Thank you so much for your time!


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