Everything I’ve Lost < Everything I’ve Gained

I came across this senior picture recently. We never actually ordered these pictures, because my parent’s divorce had thrown my mother into abject poverty and homelessness. By choosing to stay with her, I was homeless and living in poverty as well. My dad would have financially supported me if I would have lived with him, but it would have meant I could have no contact with my mom. I missed competing at the state track meet my senior year (after being runner up in the 2 mile my junior year) and I was delinquent from school (after being an honors student) to live with my mom. The story is long and complicated, but in general, the ineffectual family court system tore my family apart.
People who know my story have a tendency to feel sorry for me. But the reality is, I am lucky to have been through this.
Everything I lost and every opportunity I missed did not matter. I now live with such a deep trust that whatever is meant for me will never miss me, because everything I gained from this experience is more than I could have known to hope for. ❤️

2 thoughts on “Everything I’ve Lost < Everything I’ve Gained

  1. I get it I too have miss out on a lot a lot of this I wanted and had come close to achieving romans 8:18 our present sufferings shall fail in comeparison to the glory that shall be revealed in us. And ya people for the majority’s sake seems to not understand and as result suffering but they’re not aware blissful or ignorance, not aware of who we are and this un able to communicate. It’s to bad really because the losses have been subject to creating the connections with these people I now believe and have been able to allow to just be in my life and not influence it. Not always to be sure but occasionally and this has been rewarding not only in it self but with time rewards of money and things etc happiness. To big of a world for us all to be perfect for each other so anyways also team stuff in society has been my attacker always dragging me down no matter what I always changed for the others and never revived the same so solo stuff I’ve been able to achieve more then I’d ever achieved one team selfishly unselfish I’ve become really though had to believe the world is so terrible people can’t get along, period.

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