Let Your Compliments Out

This picture is unrelated to what this post is about. I’m just using my body and my hot mom’s body to get your attention.

Compliments come into your head so that you can let them out. Letting compliments out brings other people so much joy.

Yesterday, the dollar store checkout lady literally giggled with delight when I told her her teeth were nice and white.

Tell people what nice faces they have, even if you know they will think you’re hitting on them. They can start playing with their wedding ring or tell you about how they went on a trip with their girlfriend to Peru recently and they can go home later that day and tell their significant other they were hit on. Everyone will laugh and be like “wow, what a hot thing I am,” and be happier because of it.

If you are both complimenting and hitting on them and they are interested in you, chances are good that they will say, “let’s hang out.” And then you will say, “yes, let’s,” if you like their vibe.

Sometimes a person might think you just want to cop their style if you compliment them. Maybe you do. The perk here is that most people will say, “this is a French perfume I get on the strip in Las Vegas,” when you say, “you smell great.”

A person might roll their eyes and head at you like you’re some lowlife after you’ve turned your car around and shouted loudly out your window from a bit too far away, “Hey, I love your scarf.” And you might cry about their meanness, because you didn’t work out enough recently, but it’s still worth complimenting. (This type of thing is the rarest of the rare and not likely to happen, but I just want you to know that even if it does, it’s not that scary when people react unusually to a compliment.)

Let’s say you scroll past something funny or interesting or beautiful in an Instagram story. Let her know her hair looks especially nice today! Even if she doesn’t respond, it makes that girl smile. Two seconds to react and let a compliment out could mean a whole day of smiles.

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