I love the word audacious. The first definition is: “showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.” And the second, more commonly used meaning, is: “showing an impudent lack of respect.”

In my experience, these two meanings go hand in hand. When we take surprisingly bold risks, people often say we are showing a lack of respect. When you leave your position at work, they say, “Think of how this will affect the business you are leaving before you make the change. This will stress out your boss. This is a really great and flexible role. Make sure you have something lined up. Don’t burn any bridges.” When you decide to stop fully financially and emotionally supporting your mom, she says, “You are disrespecting me. I took such gentle care of you for many years.” Anger arises, because she has grown accustomed to your constant support. But you realize, in order to pursue your vision, you have to let go of hers. Her emotional state is not your responsibility. When you can afford to give her more financially, you will. It is not easy, but it is worth it. She doesn’t want to be your burden anyway.

Trust that anger fades into understanding as people who love you watch you come alive. People who aren’t being audacious alongside you may remain angry and will naturally leave your life. These are good things. Setting new boundaries and taking surprising chances is not comfortable, but it gives you your most fulfilling life.

Let’s be audacious.